We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to answer any concerns you may have.

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Moving Expenses

Cost. Cost. Cost. How is the estimate calculated for local moves?

We offer one of the lowest hourly rates in Austin and try to keep your hard earned money in your pocket. We do this by starting the clock when we pick up the first box and stop the clock when the last item is placed in your home or office. Most moving companies start the clock when they leave their warehouse so if they decide to stop for ice cream on the way you are held liable to pay for said ice cream. You only pay us for the time we are working.

Cost. Cost. Cost. How is the estimate calculated for long distance moves?

Pricing for a long distance move is based on a flat rate or fixed price. Once we have taken an inventory of your furniture and other belongings, we are happy to provide a binding price for your move that will incorporate the delivery time between locations. If you prefer, we can also price a long distance move by weight.

How accurate will the moving estimate be?

With 10+ years of experience, our sales team prides themselves on providing the most accurate moving estimates in the industry. Our proprietary sales system ensures that we work closely with every customer to fully understand his/her moving needs and to provide a moving estimate that reflects those needs. Be sure to offer as much information as possible at the time of the estimate ‐ this includes reviewing the inventory for accuracy. Neglecting to mention additional items, or difficult areas of access, at the time of the moving estimate almost always results in unexpected costs for the customer.

Is moving labor the only moving expense I should expect?

Moving labor represents the majority of the moving expense. However, you should also budget for packing supplies, such as moving boxes and tape, and for additional valuation (moving insurance) as needed. We take special precautions with delicate and oversized items, such as but not limited to flat screen televisions and chandeliers. These types of items may need special casing and we will do our best to provide that for you. If we do not have it on hand we will let you know where you can pick it up.

Is valuation (moving insurance) necessary?

Word of Mouth Moving will take every necessary precaution on your move, but unexpected damage can occur and it is important to make sure that your possessions are protected. We are able to offer valuation (moving insurance) to our customers at a very fair price due to the very low number (2.7%) of claims we file.

Should I tip my movers?

As with other service industries, you may wish to thank your movers for a job well done by offering a gratuity. While the movers do not expect a set amount, we suggest a tip based on your satisfaction with your crew and the overall move.

Preparing to Move

How far in advance should I schedule my move?

We recommend scheduling your move as far in advance as you can. The farther out you can plan your move, the greater the availability you will have in choosing a date and time that is convenient for you. A general rule of thumb is to contact us no later than two weeks in advance of your desired move date. We realize advance planning is not always possible, and do our best to accommodate last minute customers as well.

I want to do some packing and moving before the movers arrive. What areas would be most helpful?

Focus on packing, instead of moving. Smaller items and moving boxes can be moved very quickly by professional movers. Don't spend time trying to move these items yourself. Rather, focus on packing boxes, so when the movers arrive, you are 100% ready. We do this for a living so please save your back and knees and let us do what we are paid to do.

What can I do to ensure that my belongings end up in the correct room during the move?

Choose a simple labeling system and make sure that all of your boxes are clearly marked. Boxes should be labeled on the top and 3 sides. Your movers will work closely with you at the destination to make sure everything ends up where you want it.

Do I need to empty out my filing cabinets?

When the cabinets are made of metal or plastic, two drawer filing cabinets can be left full. Anything larger than two drawers are examined by weight and if stairs are involved. Generally speaking, we would like for all items to be removed from filling cabinets and put into banker boxes as folders will move/shift during transit. We will make sure the cabinets do not fly open during transit, but have no way to stop the files from moving around.

Can I leave clothing in my drawers?

It is fine to leave your clothing in your dresser drawers during the move. Be sure to remove anything from the drawers than may roll around or shift during transport, as this can cause damage. If the dresser is particularly large (a triple dresser or part of a large armoire), it is best to at least partially empty it. We will wrap the dresser and/or armoire so nothing pops open during transit.

What do I need to do to prepare my appliances for the move?

You should make certain that your dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer are empty. Additionally, our movers are not trained electricians or plumbers so you need to arrange for the appropriate professional to disconnect your washer, lighting/chandeliers, and refrigerator from any electric and/or water connection. Most importantly, movers are not licensed to disconnect gas, which power many dryers and ovens.

Will you move my plants?

Such items can be moved on local moves if properly packed/prepared, but we cannot guarantee the safe transport of live plants, which can be traumatized by motion or extreme temperature inside the moving truck.

Are there any items you cannot move?

Our insurance and state rules prohibit us from moving certain items. There are three things to keep in mind when factoring in what we can and cannot move:

  1. Please leave out all medication, jewelry, important personal documents, items of innumerable value, cash, high valued art, open bottles of alcohol, firearms, ammunition for firearms, chemicals, liquid items that may soil your belongings or the truck, flammable items, and any items that potentially present a biohazard to our crews and environment.

  2. We are unable to safely move non-standard household furniture that may require a specialist such as: certain pool tables, hot tubs, large plants or pots, machinery, counter tops and other items that are built into the structure of the house.

  3. Our insurance does not cover customer packed goods against breakage. We recommend having movers pack fragile items to insure their coverage.

Moving Day

What if I haven't packed by my scheduled moving day?

If your moving day is rapidly approaching and it becomes clear that you will not be fully packed, it is critical that you inform your move coordinator as soon as possible. He/she can work with you to make the best possible "plan b" for packing. This may mean having the movers finish your packing or, if you have the flexibility and we have the availability, pushing back your moving day in order to allow more time to pack. If you have a only a small quantity of items left to pack, your movers can often complete this on moving day; however, it is important to understand that this will add time to the job and, therefore, add to the total cost of the move.

How will the movers know what items to take and what to leave behind?

When the movers first arrive, they will do a walkthrough of your current home, confirming which items are going and which are not.

Can the movers arrange the furniture to my liking in my new home?

Absolutely. When we deliver your items to your new home the movers will work closely with you to make sure all furniture and boxes arrive in the correct rooms, and we are happy to arrange and rearrange the furniture exactly as you would like it.

Can the movers transport my pets?

Unfortunately, there is no safe place in the moving truck for pets to ride. They cannot be transported in the cab of the moving truck for liability reasons and the back of the moving truck is inappropriate due to lack of climate control and the danger posed by potential shifting of heavy objects.

Can I ride in the cab of the moving truck with the movers?

Unfortunately, professional moving companies cannot transport customers in the moving truck for liability reasons. You may wish to arrange a ride with a friend, uber or a cab service on move day.

Do the movers take time off for lunch? Do I need to provide lunch for them?

Moving is a physically taxing job and the movers need time to eat during the day. On a local move, any time that the movers spend eating lunch will be deducted from your hourly bill (see above regarding cost). As for providing lunch, it is not required, as the movers often bring lunch or will find somewhere to eat along the way. However, water and/or sports drinks for the movers are always a welcome (and appreciated) refreshment!

Can the movers dispose of trash on moving day?

Yes, for an additional fee we will haul off everything you don't want and take it to the dump. The price fluctuates based on the quantity and weight of the items that are disposed of. We have taken truck loads of rift raft to the dump so there is no set amount of trash that we can't dispose of.

Can my movers clean my home on moving day?

We clean up any clutter made by our movers during the moving process, but we do not do general house cleaning. We recommend asking your friends, family, and neighbors for a referral for this type of service.

What if the weather gets bad on the day of the move?

If it is a torrential downpour then we may have to alter the time as we don't want your personal belongings to get damaged. Our movers have families and lives outside of work so their safety is a top concern as well. Luckily bad weather doesn't seem to last long in Austin so this generally has never been a concern.